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Facilitator Express believes in the "Sparks of Genius" * that occur when passionate professionals collaborate, and harness the power of emotional intelligence.  Experiential education, is one of the many tools we use to quickly access this kind of synergy.  Increased productivity and innovation cannot help but naturally follow.  It's what we call "serious fun"!  Training is then transferred.  Retention is the ultimate measure of success - how much is transferred, put into practice, and used back at work?  That's the beauty of experiential training and development. 

Investing in the power of people, productivity, growth - that's what we do.  We have the experienced facilitation training resources to make it happen.

"Not everybody is ready for that kind of warm, close working relationship kind of stuff.", said one trainee.  So true.  And why is that?  Heavy lifting - investing in people and real working relationships is hard work.  It takes time, interest in the individual, going the extra mile and then some.

 You may have heard some innovative ideas produced from your workforce.  Are you listening?  How do you create the workplace atmosphere of freely flowing ideas flashing up and creating even more sparks of genius?

That's where we come in.  With over 15 years in the workplace training and development world - we offer a variety of facilitators specializing in corporate training and assisting professional groups on their journey of expansion and growth.

Have your own training and facilitation team or department?  Facilitator Express offers resource collaboration, more "sparks" pointing out additional resources tried and true, that something extra to add to the training program already established or developing. (Who has the time to gather, test and experiment these days ?!)

That's what we do.  Coaching, motivational speakers, training and research assistance - that's what we do best.  If it's used by trainers and facilitators, we have it or can find it - for you - today's trainers, facilitators, teachers, and HR Professionals.  

That's what we do.

* Book: Sparks of Genius, by Robert S., and Michele M., Root-Bernstein