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EPIC Card Game
EPIC Card Game

EPIC Cards

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EPIC Card in ActionEPIC Cards were created for facilitators to intentionally teach and promote creative thinking among participants.  These cards address several topics related to creativity - such as divergent thinking, reframing problems, challenging assumptions, looking at things in different ways, and learning new things about the world.  
These cards can be used before, during, or between classes, during transitions, at the beginning of therapy sessions, or anytime you want to encourage participants to flex their creative muscles.

Activities are designed so that participants don't need any supplies or materials. 

Creativity and Diversity

Cards are easily adaptable to individual, group, and work environment needs.

It's important to understand that EVERYONE IS CREATIVE!  The process of coming up with creative ideas and products involves undergoing new experiences, challenging assumptions, looking at things differently, FAILING at any time, combining ideas, and so much more. 

EPIC and Group Processing

Latest new product on Facilitator Express!  We are excited to welcome Daniel Cape and all the folks that make Experiential Learning and Creativity - fun!  Daniel has advised that he welcomes facilitators and teacher questions.  We are happy to help make that happen.  Contact us.

About the Author / Creator of EPIC Cards

Daniel CapeDaniel Cape is a creativity scholar and trainer who operates his business Experience to Creativity out of Boone, North Carolina. His approach to creativity is providing people with fun learning experiences and simplifying creativity so they can understand it and apply it to all aspects of their work and lives. He derives his creativity from unique life experiences that include serving as a combat engineer officer in the Army National Guard, working as the Director of an English language summer camp in Ukraine, over 15 years of experience drawing caricatures, a career as an experiential educator, and other international work. Daniel is the author of From Experience to Creativity: The experiential educator’s incomplete guide to creativity and the creator of EPIC Cards that teach and promote creativity. His 2019 TEDx Talk is titled “A Deeper Understanding of Creativity”. He has a master’s in experiential education from Minnesota State University Mankato and is currently a PhD candidate at Saybrook university studying psychology with a focus in creativity studies.


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