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Sparks of Genius

Posted by Donna Tate on 8/27/2015 to Training Research

Sparks of GeniusUnlock the Genius:

An oldie (1999) but still quite good and relevant to today's facilitator and corporate trainer.  Especially relevant is chapter 13, simply entitled "Playing".  As a "thinking tool", they have saved the best for last - nothing like play, or experiential games and activities to kick-start creativity.  Play naturally feeds emotional intelligence and learning, for a mind sailing on the endorphins of fun cannot help but learn things more quickly, and see solutions previously locked out.  Some offer advice for mental block, and say, "Walk away!"  "Go to the park.",  "Take a drive."  All good remedies and "thinking tools".  None of them,,, holding a candle.... to play.  Read on....