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By: Sam Sikes, Faith Evans, Chris Cavert
By: Sam Sikes, Faith Evans, Chris Cavert

The More the Merrier

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  • The More The Merrier:Lead playful activites with large groups - Why, What, How

In the ideal global picture, people laughing and playing together create an experience in common.  Commonalities create connections, the invitation to further relationship. From relationship comes the possibility of understanding, acceptance, and even forgiveness.

The More The Merrier means that, the more players, the merrier it is! When a lot of people play together, individual energies become a synergistic phenomenon and the combined energy of two or more players is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

The More the Merrier means that more players are not an obstacle to play, but something to celebrate. Large group play may not be the answer to world peace, but it could be the kinesthetic catalyst to peace among groups of every size!

Chapter Road-map

  • Chapter One - "GET READY..." Before you get into any significant adventure it is good to do your homework. What is it? Why does it work?
    • Myths and facts about large group games
    • Experiential Learning
    • Get Serious About Fun
  • Chapter Two - "GET SET..." You are committed to begin the adventure, but what needs to be done before you even start? Get set to plan, prepare, practice, organize, set up, and physically, emotionally, and mentally be present. What resources do you need? Who can help? How will you prepare?
  • Save Time, Energy, and Money
  • Co-Facilitation
  • Keeping Confidence
  • Chapter Three - "GO!..." So that players want to GO! with you. You are on your way. Lead and facilitate the players from start to finish. Tools and activities you will use from start to finish.
    • Lost and Found in Montana (Drop Your Ego)
    • It's All In The Delivery
    • Strategies For Managing Large Groups
    • Group Divisions
    • The Reviewing / Processing Experience with Large Groups

EXPERIENTIAL ACTIVITIES FOR LARGE GROUPS. Activities are sequentially divided into chapters that will transport you, from just thinking about leading large groups, to actually doing it!

  • Cooperative Circles
  • See YaOne Minute Frenzy
  • Six-Count To Competence
  • Significant Numbers
  • The Experiential Assessment
  • Silent Hog Call
  • Group Blackjack
  • Olympic Rock Paper Scissors
  • Boogie Ball
  • A Relaxation Moment
  • 60 in 60
  • Toe Towers
  • Bos Charades
  • Frog Pond
  • and SO many more!

The More The Merrier contains 422 pages of stories, theories, charts, guidance, instruction, and over 100 games and activities. We know you will benefit from the experience and insight these three authors have to offer!

"Large groups often represent folks attending a convention, and convention numbers (depending on the type of presentation) can vary from 10 to over 1,000.  If you are responsible for a 30-90 minute presentation at a convention with an audience of near or over 100, recognize that you are not being hired to train or facilitate the group, you are there primarily to entertain (no matter what the flyer says); I call it edutainment.  The best part of this type of scenario is that people want to be entertained, so all you have to do is present a few tried and true large group activities (like the ones in this book), then don't get in the way of their fun."  (Karl Rohnke, Author and Player Extraordinaire)

MORE than an experiential activities book for large groups TMTM offers a textbook style course in facilitating.  In depth, real life experiences in the field of experiential facilitation from Sam Sikes, Faith Evens and Chris Cavert.  You will wonder why you did not get your copy sooner.

Authors:  Sam Sikes, Faith Evans, Chris Cavert

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