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By: Karl Rohnke
By: Karl Rohnke


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  • Quicksilver by Karl Rohnke and Steve Butler:Ropes Course Activities
Author: Karl RohnkeWritten by the famous Experiential Educator, Karl Rohnke, he himself recommends Quicksilver as one of the "first books" to add to the facilitator tool kit. Created (1995) as a sequel to a previous Karl Rohnke publication, Silver Bullets, Quicksilver includes ten years worth of new ideas, Icebreakers, Warm-Ups, Games, Stunts, Initiatives, Trust Activities, Closures and more. Also includes a section that emphasizes leadership / facilitation, from the authors 43 years of combined experience. Whether you are an experienced facilitator or a novice, the ideas contained in this book can be put to use immediately. Facilitators are guided to preface activities with the idea that each participant is expected to contribute and that it will be worthwhile to the individual and to the group. In addition, the facilitator is instructed in adaptability, to expect that each group will be different and that each activity can be modified to meet group dynamics, group size, interest and ability - most of all, that the emphasis will on on fun. For the novice facilitator, it should be noted that Quicksilver was written using certain language and terminology used at Project Adventure, (i.e. The Experiential Learning Curve, The Full Value Contract, Challenge by Choice) The book does not offer extensive definitions on these or other basic experiential learning concepts. Should you need additional information on these or experiential training for facilitators, go to the Research section of Facilitator Express. Experiential activities include everything from ice-breakers to large group challenges - some requiring props - many of which can be found in any office, and some requiring no props at all. A most popular game is called "Foes & Questors"! Games work as effectively with youth or adults. As with many experiential activities, activities procedure as well as the debrief processes is written out. Authors: Karl Rohnke and Steve Butler Contents: Section One: Adventure Leadership The Basics Functional Leadership Core Leadership Functions Facilitate or Recreate? How You Do It The Essence of QuickSilver Practical Tips - Two Leader's Bags of Tricks Section Two: Activities Ice Breakers Warm-Ups Games Initiatives Variations Trust Stunts Closing/Framing Foes & Questors

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