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The Nose Flute Buckaroo's
The Nose Flute Buckaroo's

Nose Flutes

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  • Nose Flutes:Great Ice breaker!
Experiential game and ice breaker!  Be the first on your team to master the nose flute!  Loads of fun, and a great way to inspire creativity - for pennies!  The instructions below will have you playing 4 part harmony in no time. 


Place the small end of the nose flute under your nose and the large end over your mouth. It seems a little awkward at first, but hang in there!


Press the flute against your nose and mouth. The key is in the right balance of pressure - not too tight, not too light.

Take a deep breath and gently (remember geennntttlllyyy) blow out through your nose while keeping your mouth open (remember OPEN). It’s a bit like blowing across the top of a bottle. Your mouth acts as a resonating chamber, like a flute!


Experiment with changing the tone by moving your tongue - if you draw your tongue back, the tone drops; if you bring your tongue forward, the tone rises.  To spice it up, rub your finger across the open hole in the lower half of the flute to create a vibrato tone.

Vary your breaths to play tunes. You can play simple tunes like “Mary had a Little Lamb” or rock out with complex tunes like “American Pie.” The range of music you can play is limited only by your imagination.

Start with solo's - you will soon be ready for the next nose flute band!

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