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Jason Kerkmann, Cultrual Resources Manager
Jason Kerkmann, Cultrual Resources Manager

Jason Kerkmann, CRM

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Jason Kerkmann, Cultural Resource Manager,  and Founder of ShowMe Rock, has been  presenting archaeological finds, and preserving Indian culture for the past 20 years.  He has great general knowledge about Native American Culture, with particular knowledge about the Chippewa, the Cherokee, the Crow, and the Missouria Indian Culture.  He has a vast original collection of artifacts that he has personally found, logged, and categorized from the melting glacial deposits now making there way down from the further reaches of North America.  From Pre-Columbian cast metal (Did the Midwestern Indians really cast metal? We believe we can prove that they did!) to museum quality projectile point "Adena Blades", to ancient tools (such as the Mississippian Tattoo and Body Piercing Tool), to fossilized artifacts. 

Jason has a passionate, yet gentle way of making the lives of our ancient neighbors come to life.  With a never-ending interest for discovering how they lived, how they communicated - even with us down to this day, he will have your audience re-living those days.  *Invite Jason to speak at your next Native American cultural event**.

* Lodging and travel for speaker not included. 
**  2019 calendar (a few days still available), 2020 calendar forming now
Call 214-764-0766 for more information or to reserve a day

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