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By: Chris Cavert and Laurie Frank
By: Chris Cavert and Laurie Frank

Games (& other stuff) for Teachers

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  • Games (& other stuff) For Teachers:Classroom Activities that Promote Pro-Social Learning and Community Building
A treasure of a resource for teachers, facilitators, and mental health care professionals.  Interventions and activities have a great impact on participants.  No additional props to purchase, activities use common items found in most offices or classrooms. Professional Psychologists and Psychiatrists have this to say, "There are some fabulous games that are easily customizable to be used by groups of all ages.  I use this book almost every time I lead groups in an inpatient psychiatric setting....also used with outpatient groups.  This book has been borrowed by friends who are also mental health practitioners. Each has said they are buying their own copy."   Activities include:  Listening skills, following directions, communication skills, problem solving, community building, and teamwork.  Activities adjustable to appropriate grade / skill level. 

Are You More Like....                                          Empathy
Now & Later                                                       Cassroom Poetry
Quality Assurance                                              It's All in the Cards
The Big Question / 30 Seconds                         Circle-a-Loons
You Tear Me Up                                                 Balloon Bash
Classroom Assumptions                                      Objectables
Chosen                                                               Over the Top
Letter Opener                                                    A What?
Assumption Test                                                Gotcha Lines
Number Game                                                    Cliques
The Mixing Game                                               Toe Jam
Poker Face                                                         Peer Pressure
Challenge Field                                                   Experiential Lunch

Community building, pro-social learning, having fun learning in the classroom - more and more teachers are working in schools that promote / need to include this learning in their every day student curriculum.  In addition, teachers are often called upon to write lesson plans that taget these objectives.  Games for Teachers provides these social skill objectives AND the activities that go with it.  What social skills?  Risk Taking, Following Directions, Willingness, Participation, and Fun.  (Yes, fun!)  The activities do require equipment and supplies, most of which can be found in the classroom.  A few things, (like ballons) might have to be brought in.  Most activities require very little preparation. 

Each activity is broken down into the following specifics:
  • Possible Objectives
  • Needs (as in equipment and supplies)
  • Procedure / Description of of possible ways to implement activities in the classroom
  • Observation / Questions - using these questions with the activities turns a recreational endeavor into an experiential process
  • Variations - almost all of the activities include at least one variation.  Use the variations to cahnge the challenge level to fit your class.
This book includes a Community Building Sequence Chart that links the activities with the specific community bullding objective / experiential educational goal.  (See Appendix A)

About The Authors:

Chris CavertChris Cavert has been teaching for over 30 years.  He has worked with youth and adult groups of all ages.  Chris holds a Physical Education teaching degree from the University of Wisconsin La-Crosse, a Masters degree in Experiential Education from Mankato State University, specializing in curriculum development, and an Educational Doctorate degree in Curriculum & Instruction from the Northern Arizona University.  Chris' doctoral focus and his dissertation research related to adventure-based education facilitator preparation.  Some of his experiential activities have been published in books by Karl Rohnke, Jim Cain and Berry Joliff.  Other publications Chris has authored: E.A.G.E.R. Curriculum; Games (& other Stuff) for Group, Books 1 & 2; Affordable Portables; A Workbook of Activities and Problem Solving Elements; and,  50 ways to Use Your Noodle along with 50 More Ways to Use Your Noodle (co-authored with Sam Sikes).

Laurie FrankLaurie Frank
is a public School Teacher who has worked in the adventure field for over 30 years.  She began her career as a special education teacher in emotional disabilities, working with students of all ages.  Her path diverged upon the discovery of adventure education and experiential methodologies.  The need to develop community within the school setting was apparent, and the adventure philosophy seemed the perfect vehicle to achieve that goal.  Laurie has been a Certified Trainer with Project Adventure since 1990.  She has worked in a pivotal role for the Central America initiative Play for Peace, an organization that focuses on bringing children of conflicting cultures together through play.  She received the Michael Stratton Practioner of the Year award from the Association of Experiential Education in 1997.  Additional publications include:  Experiential Education in the Classroom; and Journey Toward the Caring Classroom: Using Adventure to Create Community in the Classroom (1st & 2nd Edition)

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