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Are You Positive About That?

Posted by Donna Tate of Facilitator Express on 7/6/2017 to Facilitator Recommendations
ProductivityIf a study has proven how CEO’s can become 15 percent more productive, or how managers can improve customer satisfaction by 42 percent, then I think the people in the trenches ought to know about it…  In his book, The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Anchor goes on to explain how people can use the principles of positive psychology to gain a competitive edge in their career and in the workplace.

Creative Processes

Posted by Donna Tate on 5/1/2016 to Facilitator Recommendations
CreativityWhat we do for fun rewards us many times over in unexpected ways when we apply it to some real-world problem or use it as an analogy for some mysterious phenomenon."  (Sparks of Genius)

Or, cleaning the kitchen in creative ways.

Emotional Culture

Posted by Donna Tate on 1/10/2016 to Facilitator Recommendations

Emotional Culture ResearchIt has been a long-held belief that cross cultural differences play a direct role in personality traits.

Are there more “D’s” for instance, in U.S. cultures, more S’s in Asian cultures, more “I’s” in the Hispanic Cultures, etc.?  The popular DISC instrument is used in name here, but it could be any number of other personality / behavioral trait measuring assessments.  New research however, has offered new data that suggests we look again.  Cultural differences do play a role in personality traits, therefore, must be considered in any reliable personality assessment construct / training choice.