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Donna Tate
Donna Tate

Donna Tate Freelance Writer, Editor

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  • Limner at Large!:Writing proposals, short works, blogs, presentations, for teachers, facilitators, and public speakers
I still like Limner:  To portray in words, to illuminate manuscripts

More than an editor,  we might more readily use the word "Ghostwriter" or "Wordsmith" to describe someone writing from behind-the-scenes.  Ahhh, but those practicing the art of "Limning" (as opposed to editing) find themselves in the wrong century - the wrong time and place, or, do they?  Perhaps time has come full circle and the artistic practice once thought of as obsolete, now finds itself back in style.

In the 21st Century, we take liberties with language and words and shorten them into texts and acronyms, and before we know it we have that great letter to write, to land that perfect job, or to close and sign off on that dynamic sale, with less time than it takes to do it....and then, what?  The age of securing the services* of a Writer / Limner has arrived.  We can help you say what you want to portray "in words" so that it sounds like you!

Many years of becoming involved in discussions and projects in as many fields has fueled an appetite for reading, research, and writing.  Currently focused on experiential learning, emotional intelligence and organizational development, I've also written and worked tirelessly in the field of education and administration, both in the public service domain and the corporate world. Writing web content, including product descriptions and blogs are other areas of experience.  Interest in writing about hands-on vocations would be considered, including locksmithing, beekeeping, and auto / truck / farm mechanics, agriculture and hunting / fishing sports. Experience with newspaper articles, the novice author of white papers, as well as the seasoned author and illustrator is a part of my professional background - published writer and poet.

The price shown is a minimum price.  Business proposals, and business letters, for example, generally do not cost more than the minimum.  Larger writing assignments that stretch into weeks, or months, or that require lengthy research, will increase in cost accordingly, and the price shown will Writing Projectsthen become more of an hourly base rate.

Schedule an initial call - free.  Need to write a resume or a business plan? How about that paper on plant / insect symbiosis or the life and times of Benjamin Franklin?  Give us a call.  Let's talk about what you have so far, what you need to accomplish, and deadlines. One more thing - fun is non-negotiable.

*  Prices shown reflect minimum - total cost varies with project.

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