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Facilitator Express Elite Assessment
Facilitator Express Elite Assessment

FacExp Elite Assessment Service

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  • Facilitator Express Elite Assessment Service:DiSC, EPIC and other assessment administration outsource
Extended DISCMany companies have their own Electronic Assessment Account.  Some administer electronic assessments internally, via HR or other internal training departments. Some companies outsource administration of DISC Assessments.  Introducing:  FacExp Elite Assessment Service.

FacExp Elite Assessment Service features Extended DISC  products and are available at the price noted (per each assessment*)  No minimum.  Fast, experienced, professional help just in time.  Outsourcing assessment administration is efficient, economical, and smart.  Assessment and administration is included in this price.  Just send an e-mail address for each individual to be assessed (each assessment does require a unique e-mail address), pay for the assessments, and we do the rest.  Save your training time for that anticipated double inning and training application transfer.

Buy  Extended DISC Assessments individually or through your own company account and discover the powerful yet simply effective DISC.  Easier, better, and more quickly transferred and applied by employees. Facilitator Express has tried, and has experience with the other "DISC" assessments, and will help you with those if you insist - but our preference is Extended DISC.  Call for super fast expedited service: 214-764-0766 or email.

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