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Facilitators do a lot of things.  They often use assessments, do research for customized training, and are always looking for that next great experiential activity.  A lot of legwork, a lot of preparation.  Presentation is everything.  So what is it that we do at Facilitation Express?

We are the GO TO resource for the professional facilitator, trainer, and coach.  Companies outsource with us, and let us help up them find that perfect speaker, and training expert.  Those who like to "Do It Yourself" depend upon us to get it done right.  We know a few great people with tons of experience, who can get the job done - yesterday.  "Tomorrow is history at Facilitator Express".  Let us show you how it can be done.

Ultimately, we are all about helping you and your team increase productivity.  Leaders know that the people make the place and company reputation.  Investing in your people is what we do.  The bottom line proves that employee investment is smart with proven ROI many times over. 

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Are you ready for the journey?  We can help you make serious training a lot of fun! (Hint:  It is okay to have fun at work)   Make the call: 214-764-0766; (Fax 214-764-0774). Email:  [email protected].  Experiential learning is a great ay to get there.  Invest in the power of people.