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Facilitator Express welcomes corporations searching for that special trainer or facilitator to design specific training objectives and execute training goals.

Facilitators may use assessments, do research, and are ever seeking that next great experiential activity!  Emotional intelligence surrounds the framework of the professional facilitator - and Facilitator Express!  What is it that we do?

We assist the professional facilitator, HR administrator, and coach - those working to make the workplace a more cohesive and productive.  That happens without effort when employees and employers are communicating, and collaborating. Great leaders can help make that happen.  When hierarchy is less and individual growth is more - innovation abounds, shared leadership results, and productivity increases exponentially.

Facilitator Express is a place to find additional resources to take your workforce to that next level of executive growth, of upper management growth, of individual employee growth and satisfaction, and ultimately, growth in productivity and the bottom line.   With the right training and the right facilitator, such growth can become an unstoppable upward spiral.  Without the the right kind of corporate direction and work culture cultivation, there is the ever decaying downward spiral of office politics, unproductive conflict, and ever increasing employee turnover.  It really is that simple, and yet requires more than a bit of hard work and continuous effort.

In short, turning the cultural workplace ship around - Facilitator Express assists those accomplishing this work every day.  Global productivity numbers are up, and corporations investing in the employee are pioneering the way - are at the forefront of workplace innovation.

Big decisions.  Are you ready for the journey?  Make the call: 877-846-5681. Email:  Emotional intelligence.  Invest in the power of your workforce.

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